Turn the Positivity Up

Today I had the best cup of coffee in a long time and I have been drinking Lacombe for well over a decade.   We are trying to celebrate the little victories in my home and at Valley Financial Group. The last few weeks have been some of the craziest in recent memory. It seems anytime you flick on the news, log onto your computer, or even just glance at your phone, there is more horrible news about the insane events that have taken over our world. With all this madness clouding our view, there is perhaps no better time to step back and look at some of the positive things going on in our world that have been buried under a million negative ones. 

  1. Communities coming together to sing from balconies and windows that started in Italy before sweeping the globe, popping up across Europe and the US.  We applaud the first responder. Thank you for everything you are doing!  Help donate to the first responders and nurses at https://www.nursingworld.org/foundation/programs/coronavirus-response-fund/https://1strcf.org/
  2. Little Free Libraries, where books can be exchanged for free across the nation, have been transformed into little free pantries, where canned goods and other foods can be dropped off for those who are in need. https://littlefreelibrary.org/ourmap/
  3.  “A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference” -Winnie the Pooh. Here is a good little read. Cliff notes: three little girls taking on the toilet paper hoarding world! https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/coronavirus-australia-best-friends-use-pocket-money-to-buy-toilet-paper-for-elderly-neighbours/news-story/55b5d08f146cbadef342d4e231f2719f

Every day good things happen to go unnoticed.  We challenge you to research positive stories and with a little online digging, there are dozens of heartwarming and inspiring stories just like the above ones to be found. Try to enjoy the small victories in life like a good cup of coffee. Even in times of extreme global crisis, there will always be great people doing great things in this world, all doing their part to give others a positive outlook as we move forward. Here’s hoping you and your family are healthy and safe, and remember, the good is always out there.



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