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Hanging Up Your Sneaks Blog


I Hate Budgets

A whopping 27% of people do not believe that they need to have and follow a budget! Another 24% do not think they would be able to stick to one, while 10% simply do not feel like making one.

How not to blow up your portfolio and financial plan

We got a call the other day from a Verizon Employee who just retired! They worked for over thirty years, giving the world dial tone. They were disciplined and invested. They experienced numerous bear markets and some of the worst ...

Women Interviewing Financial Advisors

I grew up with a Mom who worked, cooked, cleaned, and raised three children, and now I live with another mom who has the same routine but four kids, well, five if you’re counting me, and she does an unbelievable ...

Client Impact

Valley Financial Group has been established for over 30 years, and for the last five, we have been on the financial planning side of the industry. When we began our financial planning careers, we thought many things would be challenging, ...

Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law! If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.   Last week our five-year goal of becoming a registered investment advisor was becoming a reality, and over the previous five years, we planned, did hundreds of meetings, battled, ...

We Have Three Exciting Announcements!

1.  Our Blog “Hanging Up Your Sneaks” is back 2. Valley Financial Group is now a Registered Investment Advisor under Fidelity! 3. We launched a new website! When we started this blog, it focused on retiring from a time in ...
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