We Have Three Exciting Announcements!

1.  Our Blog “Hanging Up Your Sneaks” is back
2. Valley Financial Group is now a Registered Investment Advisor under Fidelity!
3. We launched a new website!

When we started this blog, it focused on retiring from a time in your life and moving on to the next chapter.  However, the blog helped us realize it was more than going into the next chapter of your life- it was about welcoming change and running towards it, not away from it.  This blog helped us realize that change is a privilege, and not too many people get the opportunity of a second chance.

We have been asked many times, “Why did the blog change and stop?”  The answer is quite simple- “we had to change, we had to get through the fork in the road to become better as individuals, employees, partners, and a company.”  We are excited about where Valley Financial Group is presently and who is on our team, but what really motivates us is you. Our goal is simple- help you and your family have the time of your lives as you move through the stages of life. We believe moving to Fidelity and becoming a Registered Investment Advisor gives us the opportunity to become the firm you hired us to be and allows us to provide the best client experience you deserve.

Moments! Every life has more than a few. Those moments when we leave the comfortable and the familiar, leave old memories and experiences behind, and move onto the next exciting chapter in our lives. Do you remember tossing your cap up at graduation? How about shaking the hand of your first employer, or walking down the altar after saying “I do?”  Hanging Up the Sneakers will help you to reminisce and celebrate these moments, big or small, as well as helping you to prepare for the next time the page is turned in your life. 

Change can be daunting and it’s never easy to hang up those beloved sneakers, but in doing so we both celebrate every memory and triumph of that part of our lives as well as preparing ourselves to take on our newest challenges. It not only celebrates the memories made, but the memories we will make in the coming days, weeks, months, and years. Again, join us as we talk about these moments in our lives, from meeting your spouse, to holding your first child, retiring from a career after thirty years, and celebrate with us all the moments we have hung up the sneakers. We look forward to sharing the blog with you every Monday and as a firm, we look forward to continuing to help you financially plan; so you can collect moments, not things!


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