Women Interviewing Financial Advisors

I grew up with a Mom who worked, cooked, cleaned, and raised three children, and now I live with another mom who has the same routine but four kids, well, five if you’re counting me, and she does an unbelievable job (miracle like). I work with a mom who does it all. My business partner’s wives have the exact blueprint of grinding every day and taking care of everybody. Our women clients, who are moms, sisters, aunts, and friends, all share the same traits of doing everything. 

Besides being superhuman, many of these women have another commonality and make the financial decisions for their families. According to an article by “Know Your Value,” 75 percent of women under 45 reported managing their finances independently, compared to 50 percent of women over 55. Also, the article states that “Arguably, younger women are standing on the shoulders of generations of women before them and now seizing the opportunity to take control of their finances.” Well done to the 50 and older group to educate, build confidence, and be role models.   

We didn’t need this article by “Know Your Value” (a great piece, by the way, see below link to read) to understand women make the majority of the financial decisions for themselves and their families. We see it at Valley Financial Group every day, and we live it in our homes.  

Here are some tips we received from the actual financial professionals our women clients, wives, co-workers, and other family members in our lives when looking to work and interviewing financial advisors: 

  • Ask questions, challenging questions, and don’t be intimated. 
  • Know your options, understand your goals and risk objectives. 
  • Understand if the Financial advisor shares your values and has your best interest. If you have a terrible gut feeling, take your time and keep on interviewing financial advisors until you feel comfortable. 
  • Make sure they look you in the eyes when speaking to you. If they don’t, run! 

We want to wish all the mothers a Happy Mother’s Day, and to all the women, thank you for always making us better and accountable every day! I know for a fact that I would not be where I am today without the women in my life. Happy Mother’s Day! 



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