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BBQ’n on Memorial Day!

There’s no better way to spend a summer day outdoors than with your family and nothing better to do outdoors with family and friends then to have a barbecue and it’s no better time to barbecue then on Memorial Day Weekend. We will remember and celebrate the brave men and women who have passed in the service of our country, all the while thanking them for the freedom we have which they have fought to protect.

So with the unofficial beginning of the summer only a few short days away, how are you planning to serve up the season’s best burgers, steaks, chicken or weird tofu thing, if you’re into that? The answer, besides, you know, good food, delicious recipes, and the ability to cook, is of course with the best BBQin’ equipment on the market. AN excellent follow up question to that would obviously be “well, just what is that best BBQin’ equipment on the market?” If you have read these blogs before, you may not be so shocked to learn that I know the perfect equipment to grill up your favorite eats, and that I have compiled a list as well. I really like to mix it up, I know. So lets go piece by piece through the necessities of barbecue to get you and/or your family grill master hooked up to make this summer the most delicious one yet.

The beginning and the end, the alpha and omega of all barbecues is the grill. Without a grill, you’re all just sitting there eating baked beans and potatoes. A solid meal, for sure, but that is no barbecue. The best grill to get for your buck is the Weber kettle, a smaller gas grill that can grill, roast and smoke all for an incredibly low price compared to other grills with similar features. However, if you don’t have a gas grill, there can be nothing more frustrating than trying to light that charcoal or wood grill, especially with a lot of empty stomachs waiting. To the rescue comes the Looftlighter Electric Firestarter, which can light any grill in under 60 seconds, so you can the party started and fight off the dreaded 1000th asking of “is that food done yet?”.

So now you have the grill, you’ve got it lit, but nothing to flip the meat with. Not if the 18 inch stainless steel BBQ spatula with LED light from has anything to say about it. It as everything you need to flip meat, including an LED light, which only the true experts know is absolutely essential to the complex functions of a spatula. Anything without the LED light has been rendered obsolete. So now, finally, you have completed the perfect barbecue. The grill is off, the food is gone, and just as you go to shut the top of your grill you notice. The unthinkable has happened. You have forgotten to clean your grill top, but your belly is full from the multitudes of delicious food which you had spent hours preparing for your countless guests and family members. You look for someone, anyone, to beg to help you, but everyone else is either fallen into a meat induced slumber, or has sprinted the scene of the crime, knowing full well that there was kitchen cleaning to be done. Have no fear, you and you’re full belly can sit and relax while the Grillbot cleans for you. It is essentially a roomba for your grill top. Unneccessary? Perhaps, but it was far too cool to not include on this list. So there you have it, you are all set for the perfect barbecue this weekend.

Have a Happy Memorial Day weekend, enjoy the good times with friends and family, and don’t forget to keep in mind the real reason we celebrate every last Monday in May. 

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